In addition to the meditation on what it means to be human and what it means to be a machine, there is another layer that adds to the strangeness of the observation: the soundtrack. Phrases that make up my daily readings and reflections, as well as the machine's narrative. Machine Dream's work can be seen at Hic et Nunc/Teia.

The creative movement known as "Machine Dream" is credited with coining the phrase "humanachine humanized experiment." The idea was to engage in a creative process that combined creativity in video editing/overlaying generated by AI with the flaws, blunders, and inconsistencies of creation. This leads me to believe that they are works co-authored by machines.

The second movement, "DEGENERATE," focuses on the humachine experience.
Here, I'm looking for a connection between AI-generated texture, time-in-motion geometry, and printed newspapers from the first half of the twentieth century.

The art's combination of information, movement, and dynamics attempts to convey an abstract message. Each element does have an idea attached to it, which the viewer can piece together based on their own beliefs and experiences.

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