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WiW is a generative artist, musical producer and visual artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. Being born into an artistic family, he is driven by a love of creative expression through art and its forms.

In 2016 he started to take pictures of daily life and also began to do some experimental art through mobile apps, mixing two of his most favourites things: art and technology. In 2018 he founded the audiovisual company FASE4.

After few years in the creative sphere, WiW has developed an interesting immersive and unique visual art style, with many colors, textures and forms, sometimes accompanied by sounds. 

He's now working on projects with the tagline "humachine humanized experience". For him, the phrase represents his current creative phase, in which he is experimenting with procedures that combine his creativity with that of machines.

WiW can be reached through one of their social media accounts or via email at

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